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Giant Binoculars

The giant binoculars available are from 60mm to 100mm objective lens. Chinese giant binoculars was born out of one model: 25/40x100 standard,which used to be only for the army until 1988 when it was first exported for civilian use.

Since then, due to the public demands around the world, improvements have been made in optical and body design and more "user-friendly" giant binoculars are manufactured, like BT10045, BT 100 DL, BT 70 DL, 25x100 FB, 25/40x100 painted version, 25x100 HK, 25x100 FB, 20x80 HK, 20x0x80 triplet and lightweight and 15x70.

Giant binoculars are a must for long-range terrestrial observations because you can see much brighter and sharper image in greater details with a giant binoculars. Now days, some people prefer to use big (or bigger) binoculars for astronomy as the use of both eyes is more comfortable than using a telescope.

The bigger the objective size, the more complexity of producing high quality objectives and the higher the cost.  In a sense, giant binoculars stand for the level of workmanship the manufacturers can reach.

You should probably consider the cost performance of each model using the cost performance formula.

Featuring: BT 100 45, BT 100, 25/40x100 standard, 25/40x100 painted


Featuring (from left to right): 25x100 HK, 25x100 FB, 20x80 HK, 20x80 triplet, 20x80 LW, 11,15x70, 9,10x60