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Stage 1.  Planning - have the idea and choose the binoculars models using the formula.

Have THE IDEA - that sets yourself apart from others.  It could be the binoculars you carry, the way you do business, or the specialty niche market you target that distinguish yourself from others.  You must have the idea that makes you stand out.  We've been a manufacturer and supplier of binoculars since 1998 and have done business with more than 200 customers from all over the world.  Most of them tend to come and go and 95% of them can't last for 5 years. Only less than a dozen survive and some of them do business remarkably well and they all have one thing in common: have THE IDEA.  Of course, besides the idea, they have their different own characteristics like hard-working, sufficient fund with which the loss can be afforded to learn the lessons,  or the admirable social network which all play important roles for their successes.  However, without THE IDEA, one will be out of business sooner or later - no exception.  Usually, the idea needs to be matured through trials and errors.

It's not most difficult to get THE IDEA.  Compared with mass electronic consumers products like mobile phones, digital carmeras and videos recorders, binoculars is still an under-developed and very small specialty market.  On the other hand, "under-developed" means piles of opportunities there: so many people in so many areas in the world have never seen through a binoculars, so many needs and demands for "see far" from so many specific user communities that can't be met with the products like digital cameras, videos recorders and mobile phones.

Get THE IDEA, and then choose the suitable binoculars models using the cost performance formula.  Those who survive for more than 5 years all carry most of the binoculars models that have high cost performance - they do it right either consciously or subconsciously.

Stage 2. Moving on - ask the questions, get the most updated prices, MOQ (minimum order quantity), production time and make the decisions

Please feel free to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and ask any questions and you will find our staffs are always helpful and friendly. Get any info regarding the prices, MOQ and production time that will help you make the decision or finalize the order.

Stage 3. Working out the PFI

After the order is finalized, we'll work out the PFI (proforma invoice) to you.  Based on the order quantity, in PFI, we'll offer shipping options: CIF your port of entry by sea and CNF your port of entry by air.  We'll let you know hong long it takes to ship by air and by sea.  Please understand that ocean freight is much cheaper than the air freight in most of the cases.  However, for very small quantity, it only makes sense to send by air.

If you want to order a sample, the sample is usually sent via couriers (TNT).

Stage 4. Making the payment

Please wire transfer 30% down payment and we'll start the production.  The balance of 70% can be made upon reception of the detailed info (air waybill tracking number, vessel schedules and voyage numbers, etc) of the shipment date.

Stage 5. Clearing and picking up the products

The shipments are sent to the main ports of entry in the world.  If you happen to live in the same city, it's very convenient.  However, if where you live is far away from the ports of entry, you usually need a freight forwarder to clear the products and deliver them to your address..  You can shop around to find a freight forwarder or we can also help from here in Kunming at our end: we can quote DDU (delivery duty unpaid) or DDP (delivery duty paid) your address meaning that we'll find an agent in the port of entry and the agent will clear the products and then delivery them to your address.

Stage 6. Warranty

1) Damages during transportation

We usually over-pack and palletize the products to avoid the damages due to the rough handling during the transportation.  For the last 5 years, we've not received any damage- -during-transportation reports from our customers.  However, if the damages did happen, for small quantity, we'll simply put the amount for the damaged products as your credit for the future shipments.  For the serious damages of the shipment, we'll file a damage claim together and make sure that you'll get compensated.

2) Faulty, defective binoculars

If you or your customers find problems due to manufacturing defects, please take the photos and email to us.  After the problems are confirmed, we'll send you the free replacements.  For some expensive large binoculars, we may want them to be returned to us for repair.

Please understand that no binoculars (including the expensive German and Japanese ones) are 100% perfect and so it's just not fair to attribute all the problems to us quickly.  Please try to repair the binoculars on your own first and most of the problems are minor and can be easily fixed - we appreciate this very much and if you need any spare parts, we'll send them to you free.

And, as a businessman, we're sure that you must have your own way to offer the after-sales service to make your customers happy.  This is important - we just can't afford to send the free replacements whenever the customers are not happy or satisfied because of the minor problems like out of collimation.

For any questions, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .